2020 Fox 36 831 1 1/8" Straight Steerer

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Steertube: 1 1/8"
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831 is the area code for Santa Cruz, California, more specifically a small town called Aptos. Aptos was the home of the world renowned Post Office jumps which helped shape the careers of many dirt jump and slopestyle legends. Sadly, the beautiful Post Office jumps were torn down in 2015, but their spirit continues to live on in the Fox 36 831 fork.

The 831 features the new gravity-specific GRIP2 damper, the fork works hard to absorb and rebound exceedingly well at high speeds. With 4-way adjustability, you can control high and low speed compression as well as high and low speed rebound. The high-performance mid-valve keeps you focused on the trail ahead by offering outstanding support and resisting brake dive. This fork also features Fox’s variable valve control (VVC) adjustment. Unlike other forks, this system uses a leaf spring to alter valve flex in the high-speed rebound setting, ultimately providing the effect of revalving high-speed rebound, but without the need for damper disassembly. If you’re looking for a fork with ultimate prowess, look no further.


  • GRIP2 the newest evolution in the FIT system, the GRIP2 damper shines bright going down hill
  • Mid-valve inspires confidence on the trail with its sturdy supportive feel
  • Variable valve control is a revolutionary new way to adjust high-speed rebound
  • 4-way adjustability gives you options for high and low speed compression and rebound
  • Factory Series forks feature Fox's Genuine Kashima Coat which offers smooth and consistent operation

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