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Custom Ethic Pandemonium Complete Scooter

Here we have our very own custom complete scooter.  Featuring parts from Ethic DTC, Root Industries, Fasen, Tilt, Oath and Hella Grip.

Parts List:

  • Oath Bermuda Grips
  • Root Industries Invictus Afterburner Bars
  • Tilt ARC Double Clamp
  • Tilt Integrated Headset
  • Fasen Bullet IHC Fork
  • Ethic Pandemonium Deck
  • Hella Grip (Custom Cut by Kaden Larocque)
  • Ethic Incube Wheels


  • Deck is 4.8" Wide x 19.3" Long
  • Bars are 23" Wide x 24" Tall (Can customize the size if needed)
  • Wheels are 110mm x 24mm
  • Fork is compatible up to 120mm Wheels

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