District C50R Complete Scooter

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Model: Cam Ward (Black/Gold)
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Not only do the C50R completes offer a whole range of great colour options, but they do so while paying homage to the veterans of our team and the sport as a whole. Richard, Coedie, Cam, Helmeri and Lewis are all legends in scootering and have been integral to sport’s progression for years. Now, you can ride the best-selling C50 complete, equipped with an agile 19.7” long x 4.7” wide deck, reliable mini-HIC compression and smooth, durable 110mm wheels all while showing off the names and personalised graphics of one of five scootering pioneers.


  • Deck Length: 500mm / 19.7inch x Width: 120mm / 4.7inch

  • Bottom Type: Flat Edged Deck

  • Headtube Angle: 83°

  • Concave: 3°

  • Compression: Mini HIC

  • Bars: 600 x 560mm / 23.6 x 22inch

  • Wheels: 28mm x 110mm District LP Wide Wheel

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