NC-17 Gyro Upper & Lower Mount

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NC-17 Gyro Upper and Lower mounting plates allow you to run a BMX Gyro on your mountain bike.  Because mountain bikes have a larger diameter headtube then BMX, it requires you to run the BMX Gyro upside down.  This NC-17 adapter allows for a simple and clean installation.  With proper clearances designed into this mount, you will have the best result in brake "feel"

Note:  The lower mount requires to be sandwiched in between the top of the headtube and the press in headset cup.  If your frame does not utilize a press in upper headset cup you will have to drill and tap your headtube for use with normal BMX Gyro tabs.  The Upper plate will still be necessary for this setup. 

Some newer frames are including a lower gyro mount with their frames.

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