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NS 26" 32h Enigma Roll Rim

The Enigma Roll super wide lightweight rims are available in three sizes: 29”, 27.5” and 26” (the smallest size is actually one of the lightest dirt / street rims on the market). This rim features a super wide 35mm profile that works perfectly with bigger tires and gives them more stability and a correct profile. The Dynamal material offers superior mechanical properties, such as increased ultimate tensile strength and yield of the material. In short, it's way more stiff than standard alloys used in most rims on the market. A sleeved connection results in a strong and impact resistant rim and also saves weight due to the specific rim profile. A high-end graphic application technique makes these rims really stand out from the crowd, and wide, pressure resistant NS rim tape completes the package. Tubeless ready. A special bead design secures all tires even at low pressures and reduces pinch flats with standard tubes.

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