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Aztek Europa Deck

Not only is the Europa Deck the biggest deck we have at 7" wide, it also features a revolutionary new grinding surface, and inner steel pegs. The bottom of the Europa Deck is convex, which adds a whole new dimension to boardslides and lipslides.

The convex surface gives you a dynamic balance point, allowing you to better balance and grind longer than you though was possible. New steel inner pegs help to smooth out 5-0 grinds. Practically the same weight as our very light 666 deck, the Europa Deck feels incredibly nimble and responsive, while giving you the stability of a 7" deck. Available in a brilliant midnight pearl paint that changes color depending on the viewing angle.


  • 7" x 23" and 7" x 24"
  • Dynamic Grinding Surface
  • Inner Steel Pegs
  • Solid Welded Dropouts
  • 84° HTA

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