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Powell Peralta Vallely Elephant 8.25"

The Powell Peralta Birch is very much suitable for introducing the small riders to the skater life. This Powell Peralta skateboard is a setup with a great price-performance ratio and suitable for taking on adventures in all areas of skateboarding. Being already fully assembled with all the right parts, this complete board is pretty much ready to ride right out of the box.

  • Medium concave board giving you well balanced board control paired with a comfortable stance
  • Medium sized wheels with a diameter of 53mm for an all-around use, no matter if you want to go for the streets or the skate park

This skateboard comes in different deck widths: 7.5", 7.75", 8" and 8.25"

  • Choose the 7.5" narrow deck size if you want a board where less power is required to perform street tricks and which is easy to flip around
  • The deck width of 7.75" and 8" is a good all-rounder that supports you the best if you want to play in all disciplines of skateboarding
  • Choose the 8.25" wide deck if you want stability or plenty of surface to catch the board when doing aerial tricks

Powell Peralta has been making high-quality skateboards for many years and is renowned for its deck construction, that ads longevity, stiffness, and a superior pop over other brands.